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The goal of the MOD Alliance is to develop a policy framework that:

  • Offers people the most efficient travel options to best serve their individual mobility needs;

  • Promotes integration across modes;

  • Facilitates collaboration among Alliance members and other stakeholders to promote MOD;

  • Improves the efficiency of the transportation system so people, data, and freight move more quickly and reliably;

  • Supports an integrated customer payment platform; and

  • Provides traditionally marginalized communities greater access to opportunities and social services.

The MOD Alliance is open to ITS America Advocacy Trust members. Member benefits include:

  • Opportunities to collaborate or communicate with other members and stakeholders.

  • Updates on MOD market developments.

  • Exclusive eligibility to shape MOD Alliance’s strategy and action plan.

  • Increased deployment of MOD through MOD Alliance promotion and advocacy.


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