The Intelligent Transportation Society of America created the Mobility on Demand (MOD) Alliance to help shape the future of mobility, striving for a world that is safer, greener, smarter and more equitable. The MOD Alliance brings together public, private and academic sector stakeholders to promote the benefits of MOD and provide a forum where all have an equal voice to tackle the challenges and opportunities to advance MOD. Our focus is to:

  • Educate policymakers and engage the public about the benefits of MOD

  • Identify legislative and regulatory barriers and opportunities at all levels to support deployments

  • Encourage partnerships and facilitate metropolitan and regional MOD efforts

  • Create a framework by which the private and public sector can fully engage in providing solutions

  • Address common challenges and standards in areas like automation, payment integration, accessibility, equity, data sharing, rural/suburban MOD, workforce, insurance, value/congestion pricing and privacy/cybersecurity


The MOD Alliance is open to ITS America Advocacy Trust members. You can read more about membership with ITSA here.

MOD Alliance member benefits include:

  • Opportunities to collaborate or communicate with other members and stakeholders

  • Exclusive eligibility to shape MOD Alliance’s policy strategy and action plan

  • Exclusive access to MOD Alliance’s market research and studies

  • Increased deployment of MOD through MOD Alliance promotion and advocacy

  • Updates on MOD developments and thought leadership


In 2019 and 2020, the MOD Alliance is focused on:

  1. Supporting an increased federal focus on MOD by encouraging flexibility with funding to meet changing mobility needs, including partnerships with private mobility providers and mobility data operations management. Next steps: Define MOD program elements with Alliance members.

  2. Addressing critical issues in the MOD ecosystem. Is there a middle ground on the data sharing issues between public and private entities? How does insurance evolve to address this new mobility future? Next steps: With key partners like the MaaS Alliance, coordinate facilitated, open “MOD Market” workshops, OR closed-door “MOD Parleys” between key stakeholders and current members.

  3. Expanding the practitioner and public. awareness of MOD, and further policy and implementation discussions across the country. Next steps: Organize state/regional MOD Forums, in coordination with ITS America State Chapters and other partners.

  4. Adding to the MOD knowledge base by collaborating with partners to analyze the MOD landscape, challenges, and issues. Next steps: Conduct a national survey to assess public and practitioner awareness of Mobility on Demand, customer understanding, adoption, and implementation of MOD.


The MOD Alliance is composed of public agencies and private sector companies working together to advance MOD priorities. Interested in becoming a member of ITS America or the MOD Alliance? Reach out to us at modalliance@itsa.org

MOD Alliance Leadership

Director, Mobility on Demand Alliance

Amy Ford

MOD Alliance Task Force Co-Chairs

Chris Murray
President and CEO of Kapsch TrafficCom North America

Roger Millar
Secretary, Washington State Department of Transportation


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