Mobility on Demand is more than simply the mobility services provided to the traveler, it is an integrated system of mobility management. It is a series of different building blocks that are fueling how MOD is advancing a more seamless, traveler-centric, intelligent mobility future by focusing on:

  • How viewing transportation as an “on-demand” commodity where both the public and private sector are providing supply and responding to demand may impact how we achieve equity, accessibility and congestion relief

  • How cities, states and private mobility providers are looking differently at the type of infrastructure services and management that they offer as mobility services like ridesourcing with TNCs, micromobility like shared scooters or e-bikes, micro-transit, and dynamic cargo delivery transform how people and goods move

  • How more robust data services are changing how people define and conduct real-time mobility operations and plan for longer term mobility needs, as well as how data is really fueling the "business" of mobility

  • How pricing systems can better enable curb side management or how creating seamless trip planning and payment apps are reshaping the relationship with mobility customers

  • How customers are really driving more how mobility is being planned and delivered, especially as the private sector is in many ways rewriting their service expectations

MOBILITY SERVICES  |  Transit  |  Micro Transit  |   Ride Sourcing  |  Bicycle  |  Scooter  |  Personal or Shared Vehicles  |  Freight Delivery  |  Emerging tech, such as Urban Air or Hyperloop

INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES  |   Roadways  |  Mobility Hubs  |  CV/AV/Traffic Systems  |  Tolling Systems  |  Electrification

DATA SERVICES  |  Data Analytics and Management  |  Data Sharing and Access between Sectors  |  Portable Data

PAYMENT/PRICING SERVICES  |  Integrated Trip Payment  |  Parking and Curb Asset Management  |   Value Pricing  |  Congestion or Road Usage Charge Pricing  |  Electrification

OPERATOR SERVICES  |  Real-time Operations Management  |  Over-time Systems Planning  |  Fleet Management for both public and private sector

CUSTOMER SERVICES  |  Seamless Trip Planning  |   Incentivized choice  |  Equitable Service Access for Disabled, Seniors, Low Income  |  Sustainable/Green Travel

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